3 Days at the Webit Festival Sofia 2019

This year I attended the Webit Festival Sofia 2019. It was a 3-day event that ran from 13th May until 15th May. While it is a tech event, it attracts a wide range of business owners and individuals who are interested in the future of the digital world. It wasn’t just an event for tech-enthusiasts, but people eager to learn, network and develop. I didn’t know much about Webit prior to attending, so I went along with an open mind and a fully-charged camera battery to log my experience.

3 Days at the Webit Festival Sofia 2019

3 Days at the Webit Festival Sofia 2019

The Good and Bad of the Digital World

The digital world for me is an environment in which I’ve lived out most of my working life. I owe the fact that I’ve been running my own businesses for the last 10+ years to modern day technology. On the other hand, I try not to become overly reliant on digital devices. I feel that while technology can often offer a fast-track solution to an everyday problem, having a digital gadget for every single activity can cause other issues that can’t be solved through technology, I.e. mental health issues for one. As someone who spends lengthy periods of time online, I am fully aware of how important it is to have a life offline as well. In my line of work as a blogger and fashion stylist, it’s my offline work and life that inspires my online content, so I need both worlds to effectively run Online Personal Stylist. That being said, the way that the technology was presented at Webit demonstrated a balanced and healthy relationship with the digital world. We should use it to make our lives easier and encourage offline social interaction where possible.

3 Days at the Webit Festival Sofia 2019

3 Days at the Webit Festival Sofia 2019

Talks and Presentations from Famous Brands

One of the things that appealed to me was the presentations lead by famous brands. These talks included topic-specific seminars held by IBM, Amazon, Visa, Coca-Cola, Forbes, Conde Nast, Mcafee, Handy, and many more! I learned so much from these innovative seminars. It was amazing to learn that many of the values and approached held by these big companies are the same, if not, not too different from those of us running small, individual businesses.



My Thoughts

I loved Webit 2019 and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in innovative ideas and digital businesses. There is so much more I could discuss, including the different inventions and services I experienced, but they are for another post. This post is just a short and sweet look at the Webit Festival and its presentation itself. For daily updates and a look behind the scenes, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.


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3 Days at the Webit Festival Sofia 2019

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