The 3 Things You Need to Build Your Ideal Capsule Wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe concept allows you to curate a well put together collection of items that require little to no styling! Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?! I’ve written a few posts on how to build a capsule wardrobe – the classic capsule wardrobe and how to build a capsule wardrobe for travel. But if you’re wondering how you can apply the capsule wardrobe practices to organise and streamline your own wardrobe, here are the three main things you need in order to get started!

The original list of approximately 29 items that you need in your basic capsule wardrobe is based upon a simple but stylish monochrome palette. Black and white are two individual colours that look great on just about everybody. If you want to build a streamlined wardrobe full of items that you can effortlessly mix and match together without any fuss, this is the list for you. However, just as many people love a monochrome palette as there are despise it! But don’t let this dampen your interest in capsule wardrobes. You can create your own, using colours, textures and garment silhouettes that suit your personal tastes as well as physical appearance.

The 3 Main Principles for Building a Capsule Wardrobe Are:

  1. Need

Shopping With Purpose

I’ve always adored fashion, style and shopping. But for me, it’s always been more about the artistic, creative side rather than the need to keep up with trends. Obviously, in my line of work trends are important and I have to keep up to date with catwalk trends and reports, but the art of dressing well is so much more than that! You can’t just copy everything you see on the catwalk and expect it to look great on you. Having the freedom to do something can be our most inexhaustible ruination. One of the key lessons I learned during my Ethical Style Project (this year-long-no-shopping challenge) is to stop feeling under pressure to shop. The main purpose of shopping for anything is to stock up on items that you will actually use. Would you go into a supermarket and spend your entire budget on food that you didn’t like or need? Vegetarians don’t fill their trolleys up with meat. Non-pet owners don’t buy bags of the best dog food for the pet they are never likely to own. So don’t make the same mistakes when shopping for clothes. Don’t buy something that will only sit in the back of your wardrobe. Stop buying clothes in the wrong size! Quit shopping for the body you want rather than for the one you have! The same applies to shopping in the sales. Refrain from buying useless items just because they are on sale. Instead make use of great shopping discounts by purchasing fashion that you are going to love and wear!

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  1. Want

“I read that canary yellow is really in fashion this season so I bought these trousers in that shade. Now I just need to figure out how to wear them!”

If this sounds like you then STOP NOW! Stop buying what you think you should add to your wardrobe and start thinking about what you want to wear. The styling segments on daytime TV and the “What to Wear” features in magazines are great, but don’t feel as though you should follow them religiously. If you see something you like then buy it, wear it. Don’t feel obliged to sport fashion pieces just because they are currently on-trend.

When selecting items to add to your capsule wardrobe, make sure that they are garments and accessories that you absolutely love! The capsule wardrobe is all about keeping things neat and streamlined. You can’t afford to half-heartedly add clothing and accessories to your wardrobe that you may never wear! As you start to consider what you should add to your list of capsule wardrobe items, ensure that they are functional and of course, that you will enjoy wearing them! This is why I state that if the standard black and white traditional capsule wardrobe isn’t for you because you dislike monochrome outfits, create your own personalised version!

  1. Compatibility

Do you know why the traditional capsule wardrobe concept works? Because all of the items on the list can be easily mixed and matched with one another. As you begin to plan out what you’d like to add to your personalised capsule wardrobe, pay particular attention to how well each piece of the collection coordinates. The idea is for you to have a streamlined, 30 items or less that can be effortlessly mixed and matched together to create a stylish, flattering outfit every time. The idea isn’t for you to end up with 30 items of mismatched clothing, footwear and accessories from which you can’t make a single outfit.  


Remember to buy intentionally. Wear clothes that you love and that flatter you!


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The 3 Things You Need to Build Your Ideal Capsule Wardrobe

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