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This year so far, I’ve been experimenting with styles, fits and textures that I wouldn’t usually wear. These four new fashion items are perfect examples of clothes that have brightened up my wardrobe and injected elements of fun and excitement into my everyday style.

Changes to my lifestyle over the last few months have subsequently extended to my wardrobe as well. “Innovate” has been a term that has frequently slipped into my plans and conversations in recent months, which has once again reminded me of the importance of trying new things. And while I and others have all been learning to adapt and innovate throughout the uncertain times of the coronavirus crisis, I’ve found that fashion has once again provided me with a light-hearted creative outlet!


Femme luxe finery

Femme luxe finery

Strapless Nude Dress

It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut, especially when you work from home. Lately I’ve become so bored of my typical jeans and t shirts combo, which is why I’ve started to add in a varying range of items from dresses to leggings to keep my personal style fresh and alive. For many years, I much preferred bright  shades over neutral tones, yet just recently that’s all changed. I still enjoy a pop of intense colour and some days, my outfits are strikingly bright and colourful. However, I’ve come to realise how easy nude tones are to wear and they can look really elegant and sophisticated too. My newly-acquired love for neutral tones has also extended into my makeup bag as well. While there’s nothing quite as glamorous as a red lip, nude lip colours are easier and more practical for everyday wear.


Femme luxe finery


Femme luxe finery

Teddy Fleece Jumper Dress

When I first started to see garments made from teddy fleece appearing fashion stores and online, my first thoughts were that it looks hideous and cheap. It didn’t seem to matter whether they teddy fleece item from high end or high Street brands, I just couldn’t see the appeal. Yeah this fluffy, white jumper dress caught my attention at first glance. Throughout the self isolation period, I have learned to love and embrace loungewear styles and this is one of the best pieces I’ve added to my capsule collection. You can just as easily wear it as part of a loungewear look with a comfortable pair of slippers, as you can dress it up with a clutch bag and some striking high heels!


Femme luxe finery


Loungewear Chic

I’m so pleased that the concept of wearing joggers and other relaxed clothing was rebranded as loungewear. Over the last few years, the hype surrounding loungewear has continued to grow and we’ve all wanted a slice of this new trend. Loungewear has transformed the way we see casual clothes that we wear around the house. For years, there were limited styles of joggers and leggings available – but that’s all changed. One of the reasons that the so-called loungewear lifestyle has taken off in the way it has is because deep down, although we love to get dressed up in glamorous clothing, we are always happy when something comfortable, cute and practical comes into fashion in a big way! Take this cropped top loungewear set for example; it’s feminine and stylish but also super comfortable too. Plus, I can easily wear the look as it is or split up the set and wear each piece with something else. I recently wrote a more in-depth post on how to look good in loungewear here, in case you want to read it.


Femme luxe finery



Floral and Leopard Print Summer Dress

Perhaps two of the most striking prints of all time, who would ever have imagined that floral and leopard print could work this well together?! I love floral print but it’s always difficult to find the right way to wear such an intricate pattern. Everything can go terribly wrong should you wear floral print on the wrong type of garment. My number one piece of advice to you when choosing floral print is to choose the most youthful type of garment that you can find – like this summer dress. Leopard print is another tricky pattern to get right too. With animal print, I believe that less is more, unless you add in feminine elements such as flowers, soft textures or ribbon detail, all of which make leopard print much more elegant. What makes this dress so versatile is that it can be worn with flip-flops and a beach bag for casual trips during the daytime, or it can be worn with styled hair, heels and a gorgeous handbag for summer evenings out.


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4 of My Favourite Outfits at the Moment | #AD

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