5 Minute Fashion Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

Want to learn how to get ready quickly and look super stylish in just 5 minutes or less? It’s much easier than you think! In this list of 5 minute fashion tips for female entrepreneurs who are short on time, I provide you with handy shortcuts, tips and tricks to get you looking and feeling your best in no time at all! Wake up, dress up and achieve your goals!!

Important Fashion Tips for Women in Business

As a female entrepreneur you may be acting as the face of your brand. You’re most likely short on time and have a million and one things with which to contend before even thinking about brushing on a coat of mascara in the morning. This is why I’ve put together this extensive list of 5 minute style hacks that you can easily find time for between commutes, on your lunch break, or while your cup of tea is brewing! So grab your morning latte and read on…5 Minute Fashion Tips

5 Minute Fashion Tips that Every Female Entrepreneur Needs to Know 

First impressions are incredibly important in business! Your personal image and the way you present yourself could make all the difference to whether or not a client works with you. When you’re not looking your best, that feeling of inadequacy transcends through to your body language and is then available for everybody to see. Understandably few busy female entrepreneurs have heaps of spare time on perfecting their personal appearance but can you really afford not to spend just a couple of minutes on styling the face of your brand before leaving the house? I’m all for making the best out of small blessings (from old clothes that you can revamp to those few spare minutes on a commute that can be used wisely) and as you’ll see from the list below of 5 minute fashion tips for female entrepreneurs, it’s amazing what you can achieve in just 5 minutes!

5 Minute Fashion Tips

Get Ready Fast with these 5 Minute Fashion Tips

These 5 minute fashion tips will help you to get ready quickly, as well as boost your mood and make you feel super empowered and glamorous in just a couple of minutes!


  • Keep an emergency/SOS style kit in your handbag, which should include essentials such as: wet wipes, safety pins, tissues, and plasters.
  • Keep “style basics” that you can easily put on quickly to elevate your look in your bag or desk drawer. These could be small things that are convenient to put on: nice earrings (hoops are very versatile and suit everyone if you choose the right size for you), your favourite lipstick, nice rings, your favourite nail polish, etc.
  • If you find yourself staring down at your hands all day writing/typing etc. then give yourself something nice to look at. Keep your hands moisturised, wear a nice nail colour, wear nice rings, bracelets, etc.
  • Plan your outfits in advance. Set aside around 10-30 minutes a week to go through your clothes and see what items you could put together to create a great outfit.
  • If you wear neutral coloured clothing, opt for brighter accessories.
  • If your clothing is bright, choose nude accessories.
  • In case of a style emergency, look for different ways in which you can use a single item that you have lying around. For e.g. eyelash mascara has up to 4 potential uses: as a mascara, as a liquid eyeliner (dab some mascara on to the back of your hand and use a brush to apply it as you would normal liner), as a hair mascara for covering greys or uneven colour, and if you are very careful and use it lightly it can be used as an eyebrow mascara.
  • Have you been so busy that you’ve missed a hair appointment? Top up your colour instantly by buffing an eyeshadow/bronzer onto your roots/on your hair using a make-up buffing brush. On the other hand, if you’ve recently dyed your hair and it’s a bit too dark, buff in some talcum powder to take the colour down a shade or two.
  • Do you avoid wearing face cream and hand cream because you don’t like the sticky feeling on your hands, which is also an inconvenience when using the computer and working? Use a flat foundation brush to apply the cream instead. It works as a great tool and if you want to avoid sticky palms – don’t apply cream there. Use the brush to apply hand cream to the backs of your hands only!
  • Fake tan – do you like a subtle hint of colour but can’t stand the application process? If you want to keep your tan topped up without risking orange hands and streak marks, simply apply your fake tan using a buffing brush and brush the tan into the skin in circular motions. You can apply this technique to an all over body tan, but it works especially well for the face because of the size of the brush!

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5 Minute Fashion Tips for Female Entrepreneurs

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