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“One is never over- or underdressed with a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld. In need of some style inspiration for the forthcoming party season? Are you looking to incorporate a couple of dress outfits into your casual or work wardrobe? Whatever the reason, Very.co.uk have you covered! I’ve picked out 9 fabulous little black dresses that will embellish you with heaps of classic style throughout the entire party season.

Why the Little Black Dress Is Not Overrated…

“One is never over- or underdressed with a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld. The little black dress has long been a style staple. It’s sophisticated and suitable for almost any occasion. The beauty of the black dress is that is can be dressed up or down depending on the event or time of day. A pair of heels and statement accessories make it the ideal outfit for a night out. Pair your little black dress with boots and casual accessories and you have yourself the perfect work outfit or off-duty autumn/winter look. Black dresses are also very forgiving. Although there are ways around flattering your natural body shape through clever styling tricks, a black dress is always a hit because darker colours elongate your silhouette. With the party season upon us, you’re probably wondering what to wear in order to feel comfortable, relevant to the occasion, not to mention glamorous. Here are my 9 top picks of classic black party dresses from the Very.co.uk collection that prove suitable for every event you’re likely to attend this season.

Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk


The double-buttons on this dress are very flattering on a top-heavy silhouette. Wear this dress with a pair of heels for night time or a pair of boots for a daytime look.


Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk

Since the return of the 90s trends, velvet has once again became a popular fabric type. With some fine jewellery, styled hair and a clutch bag, you can make this dress look highly formal. On the other hand, you could easily wear this dress with flats in a solid colour to look presentable yet casual when you’re not in party mode.

Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk


The accordion skirt detail on this dress is simply stunning! This is the perfect example of how you can revel in all the benefits of a little black dress while not having to commit to head-to-toe black. The change in texture and the print on the skirt breaks up the look with minimal effort required from you.


Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk

Pinafores are a great choice for autumn and winter. As you can see in this picture, they work just as well with boots for a day time look or for the office. Alternatively, switch the boots for a pair of killer stilettos or higher-heeled boots to transition this dress into a pretty party pinafore.


Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk

When I think of classic little black dresses, I envision garments with straight lines and tailored fabrics. Something that looks a lot like this. It reminds me of the era from which the concept of the little black dress first emerged. Audrey Hepburn epitomises this image as she is seen strolling through the streets of New York in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This dress could be worn with a glittery blazer or a block colour if you want to add a pop of colour, but see how it works equally as well with the classic black, long-lapelled blazer worn on top.



Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk

As you can see, this dress is a piece from Michelle Keegan’s collection. It’s fun, modern and youthful. Compared to my previous selections, this dress appears less formal. The reason being is that the more details you add to a garment, the less formal it will look. So here, the belt detail and decorative white stitching gives this dress a more casual feel. If you’re still unsure about opting for a black dress or you’re not used to wearing dresses usually, a shorter cut like this one might make you feel more comfortable without compensating on style.


Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk

Jumper dresses tend to be one of those pieces that people love or hate. Some women practically live in jumper dresses and boots throughout the entire autumn/winter periods. Others however, feel drowned by them and fail to see how stylish this kind of outfit can be. Jumper dresses like this one can be worn with biker boots, patterned boots (see picture), knee high or thigh-high heels or flats. You can choose from going bare-legged or tights varying from a tan to opaque finish. Again, this would be another semi-formal dress combination for occasions that require a dress without looking overdressed.

Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk

I notice that those who fall within the petite category struggle to find long-sleeved black dresses that don’t overpower there shorter stature. Naturally, if you want to wear a black dress during the cooler months without relying on a jacket worn over it, longer sleeves are probably you’re best option. For petite ladies – 5ft3 or under, or for those who want to cover either arms or legs – not both, I’d recommend choosing a long-sleeve style that doesn’t exceed knee length. The subtle belt detail worn in this photo would also be suitable for petite figures, as well as other body shape types and heights too. This style is super versatile and would look great with both boots and shoes.


Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk

If you have an athletic, straight up and down figure, this dress would look wonderful on you! Last season’s sock boots would finish off the look perfectly. Although this really is the kind of dress that you could wear with anything – from stilettos to long boots or even trainers too.


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#AD – this article was sponsored by Very.co.uk but all opinions and information is my own. 



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9 Classic Little Black Dresses from Very.co.uk | #AD

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