Applying the Hygge Concept to My Office

For the past few months I’ve been applying the Swedish “Hygge” method, which focuses on enjoying cosy, positive environments with our favourite companions, to my office environment. When we’re in comfortable environments that make us feel calm and happy, we’re often more productive and are able to produce better quality work for a longer period of time.


The Swedish hygge concept



So how do we apply this to business? I don’t believe in staying in your PJs all day, unshowered and as though we’ve just rolled out of bed. However, I feel that there is definitely something beneficial about playing your favourite music, tuning into an inspiring podcast or even your favourite movie (as long as you don’t become distracted) while working.

Creating a warm and welcoming work space is important. When we’re happy and feel content, it’s one less thing to think about and that’s one of the reasons why we become more focused.

The Swedish hygge concept




For me, a happy working environment is when I have:

  • A comfortable chair to sit in
  • When I have neat nails – because nobody wants to stare down at ugly, chipped finger nails all day
  • Pretty rings on my fingers to grace my keyboard or notepad
  • Beautiful stationary
  • A clean (or as tidy as possible) desk, because too much clutter can be distracting
  • One of my favourite movies playing in the background. Preferably one that I have watched many times so that it makes me feel positive but doesn’t draw my attention away from what I am doing
  • A cup of coffee or tea
  • And of course, my little office companion Minnie by my side. 

The Swedish hygge concept

Have you explored the Hygge concept in your office or home? What is your idea of the perfect working environment for you? Follow @OnlinePersonalStylist on Instagram and let me know! 


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Applying the Hygge Concept to My Office

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