Book Review: Call Me Joe by Martin Van Es and Andrew Crofts

Over the last few days I’ve been enjoying some well earned time out at the beach, reading Call Me Joe. It’s a really easy going plot with a gripping twist – a perfect summer read. I’d highly recommend adding this title to your reading list, here’s why…

Call Me Joe

Imagine a world where everyone came together to fight global issues, instead of fighting among one another. A community of individuals lifting each other up instead of pulling one another down. And what if a biblical figure came back to life and told us that the bible is outdated and doesn’t depict God’s message in the exact way he would have liked? Well this is what the Call Me Joe book is all about. Call Me Joe by Martin Van Es and Andrew Crofts is a fictional sci-fi story and one of the most honest reads you’ll discover this year! The difference with Call Me Joe is that once you’ve read it you can actually join the Call Me Joe Project to help combat the issues outlined in the book.

Call Me Joe

Call Me Joe is the story of a man who was sent down to do good and spread a wise message. Joe claims to be the son of God and he has been sent down to earth to unite society and to encourage positive change. The planet is dying and we’re battling an endless defeat with overconsumption, yet the population seems more concerned with power and fighting over which religion is most superior! In the book, Joe is portrayed as Jesus Christ, coming back to life to save mankind. His goal is to gather followers to come together and save the planet and its inhabitants. Along the way he meets political leaders, children, the sick, and individuals searching for hope and love. By practicing faith and determination, he shows the world what can be achieved when we all come together to focus on the bigger picture in life.


I’m not a religious person but you don’t have to be to enjoy this book. Although the main character in the book is the son of God, the message isn’t about promoting religion but rather about good will and humanity. Neither the book nor I wish to prompt further political or religious upset but I couldn’t help but take away some fine points made in this story. The first is that all bibles were written such a long time ago that some of their messages are now slightly old fashioned. The other is that the bible, and equivalent religious study books,  were written not by the Gods but by people – followers. There is so much religious conflict going on in the world right now, yet surely the main aim of every religion is to do good?

Call Me Joe

The book’s protagonist also challenges political leaders about what they’re doing to tackle climate change. He takes his message out on to the streets as well, asking consumers, who are loaded down with shopping bags, why they feel the need to keep buying. As somebody who strives to live a sustainable lifestyle in the hope of helping to save our planet, I loved the way the book tackles the topic of environmental issues. Simply put, where are we going to live if we don’t (all) take action and fast?! There is currently no world issue more important or more dangerous to mankind than climate change! It doesn’t matter how many issues we manage to solve in this world, it will all be irrelevant if we don’t have a planet to live on. No amount of money, power, status or followers can help or remove you from earth’s doomed fate if we don’t all unite for the greater good!

Call Me Joe

Despite its strong message, Call Me Joe is a light-hearted and easy read. I sailed through each of the short chapters within just a few days. Initially, when I first started reading the book I wasn’t sure what to expect. As I progressed through the chapters, I wasn’t sure where the story was taking me but it all comes together about half way through. The plot took a sharp turn right before the end, which lead me to question how it would end. The ending didn’t disappoint and I came away feeling inspired and uplifted. You can buy Call Me Joe here

Sign Up to The Call Me Joe Project

Humanity will have to radically change its way of life in order to survive all challenges that are emerging. We need world leaders we can trust and who draw up, communicate and execute common and transparent plans for our future. We need worldwide solidarity among governments, corporations, scientists, the media and every individual citizen. We must start now with a global plan from co-operative and reliable leaders. The Joe Project challenges them to take the necessary steps and has started the thinking process with the novel Call Me Joe. To stay informed about The Joe Project sign up for updates via

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#GIFTED – this book was kindly gifted for this review but all opinions are my own. 



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Book Review: Call Me Joe by Martin Van Es and Andrew Crofts

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