Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill) – 9 Seasons of Style!

“Brooke Davis: Stunning in every decade!” – Season 7, episode 15.

Brooke Davis may be a fictional character but her style is very real indeed. One Tree Hill ran for nine seasons and in the wardrobe of B. Davis there was never a dull moment, after all what do you expect from a girl who named her clothing company “Clothes over Bros”?! 


I love One Tree Hill! It is a series that I can watch all of the time because it is light-hearted, dramatic, tragic, humorous, meaningful, inspirational and stylish all at the same time! On September 23rd it will be 14 years since the first ever episode was aired so as to pay tribute, let’s look over the best outfits of Tree Hill’s most stylish resident – Brooke Davis.


Like her character, Brooke’s style evolved in a sophisticated way throughout the duration of the 9 series. She started off as a carefree, decisive and reckless teen with a big heart who then uncovers her hidden leadership skills, talent for fashion design and self-belief. Throughout the years Brooke develops into a more mature, responsible and ambitious young woman.

Brooke Davis Brooke Davis Brooke Davis

Brooke Davis

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