Capturing and Treasuring those Special Moments in Life

This time of year is a time for reliving memories and creating special moments. There has been quite a lot of coverage in the media recently about remembering old memories and those who are no longer with us. But how exactly is the best way to preserve a memory? Especially in this day and age, it is important to know how to treasure a memory while being able to live for the moment in which a memory is created. So how is the best way to do just that?

Capturing and Treasuring those Special Moments in Life

What is a Memory and How Can We Create Them?

A memory is the process of acquiring, saving and recalling a specific piece of information. This information may be a moment, a vision, a scent, a feeling, or sound. Not all memories are good. Sometimes we have a habit of reliving past, negative moments in our lives which fill us with uneasy emotions. Memories are often attached to some kind of feeling. Our most vivid, long-lasting memories are often associated with feelings of happiness, anger, nostalgia or fear. Obviously, you’re probably not going to want to treasure your bad memories that cause you to relive bad times in your life, but savouring those happy times is important. There is a number of ways in which we can capture and recall happy memories but we also have to focus on creating new memories too. This is vital for maintaining positive mental health, where we are not focusing all of our attention neither too much on the past or on the future.

Capturing and Treasuring those Special Moments in Life

Step Back and Save the Selfies

Selfies are great but our unhealthy obsession to take pictures of everything we see and do, not to mention to logging our every move on social media, is causing us to miss out on really experiencing the moment. While taking pictures is a great way of capturing and storing a good time, it’s essential that you live life as you see it rather than experiencing everything through a lens or Smartphone screen. Of course, snap away and take pictures to savour the memory but quite often the best memories consist of a mixture of photographs and images captured by the mind.

Capturing and Treasuring those Special Moments in Life

The Importance of a Digital Detox

Elaborating on the point above, you must remember that no matter how beneficial technology and the online world can be, memories are usually made offline! Every once in a while it is recommended that you switch off your technical devices, take a mini or prolonged digital detox and reconnect with what’s around you. Instant messaging makes speaking to those who live far away really convenient, but don’t rely on it for communicating with those with whom you could have a fact to face catch-up or coffee chat. It doesn’t matter who you are or how many birthdays you’ve celebrated; everybody needs a certain amount of human interaction. Let’s also not forget those furry members of the family who also contribute greatly to our daily happiness. Sure, you’re likely to feel great about getting a certain number of “likes” on a picture you’ve recently posted, but you’re far more likely to remember something that happened offline many years from now.

Capturing and Treasuring those Special Moments in Life


Capturing and Treasuring those Special Moments in Life

Creating and treasuring those special moments in our lives is important. Many things can evoke fond memories, such as scents, places, special occasions, music, jewellery, food, drink, films, pictures, and so on. I feel that it is really important to invest time and energy into creating new memories. And personally, I feel that the act of doing so is best enjoyed offline!


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Capturing and Treasuring those Special Moments in Life

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