Colour Coordination of Clothes

Welcome to the new series of vlogs and blogs: “5 minute fashion tips”. In this 5 minute fashion tip you will learn this simple colour coordination of clothes technique: how to double your colours or clash your colours to create a surprisingly plain and simple look.

Doubling your colours means that you wear two clothing items on the top half of your body, such as a top with a matching cardigan or jacket of the same shade of colour. Many people are wary of wearing two clothing items of the same colour but it will actually make your outfit look simpler and not so extrovert because you are only sticking to a few shades of colour in your outfit.


As you will see, the colour I have chosen is this coral pink – the colour of my blouse and blazer which I have paired with a pair of basic straight leg jeans. I want the focal point of the outfit to be on my lovely coral pink coloured blouse but as it is too cold to go out wearing the blouse without anything over it (now that it is autumn), I have added my salmon pink coloured blazer over it. This makes the outfit more practical, the focal point of the outfit remains on this colour and it makes my outfit look effortlessly glamorous.

Easy Colour Coordination of Clothes

Doubling colours and wearing the entire same colour also makes an outfit of any cost look more expensive too. The colours black, white and cream are the most common colours for pulling off this trick but you can do it with other colours too, as long as you stick to wearing just one or two different colours or shades. Now, these items did not cost me a lot of money at all – the blazer cost just £5 and the blouse £3 – but everybody thinks the opposite! The reason I have shown you this colour clashing trick using pink clothing is that people often consider pink clothing to look quite cheap and tacky – something that looks quite inexpensive when you wear it. This stems from the idea that pink is for little girls or for teenagers who dress in pink coloured party gear and ghastly bubblegum coloured prom dresses. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. It is true that pink coloured clothing can look a little distasteful at times but provided that you keep colour mixing to a minimum, you will be able to achieve a look that looks classy, elegant and expensive no matter the true price of your outfit.


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