Dressing for Summer: Stay Cool, Look Stylish

Dressing for Summer: Stay Cool, Look Stylish

Warm nights, the sea breeze and that calm, comforting scent that summer tends to have… ⭐ We spend months waiting for the warmest season’s arrival only to then be burdened by the blistering heat with nothing comfortable to wear.
Actually, many people dress for summer time ☀️ in the entirely wrong way! They strip off to a tight fitting pair of denim shorts or a denim skirt and a camisole top, which despite seeming like the coolest option, may be causing you to feel increasingly hot and bothered! So what are your best options when dressing for summer and its hotter temperatures?

White t-shirt, hat, grey pumps, chino trousers

Dressing for summer

Less isn’t Always More

Wearing as few clothing items as possible may seem like a good idea when dressing for summer time but it could be causing you to burn up more quickly and attract heat from the sun. Not covering up properly may result in sunburn which in turn causes a lot of discomfort and therefore doesn’t make you feel cool and calm at all.

Trousers, pumps, peach shirt (worn underneath), gold top
Dressing for summer

Choose your Fabrics Wisely

Have you ever wondered why when you go on holiday abroad to hotter climates, it is only fellow tourists seen sporting heavy denim shorts and skirts? This is because denim is a heavy and uncomfortable material that isn’t the best choice for warmer temperatures. Baggy clothing in light colours such as white, grey and beige will reflect the heat rather than attract it, which will help to prevent you from burning or feeling too hot. Avoid denim, leather, lycra and other heavy or clingy materials that can prove difficult to get on and off during hotter weather. Sticking to lighter materials gives you the versatility to cover up more as well as not being restricted to wearing only lighter colours. On the other hand, when wearing heavier materials, it is vital to wear them in lighter colours so as to make them a little more bearable.

The best lightweight fabrics to wear when dressing for summer are:

    • Cotton
    • Ethical / Cruelty-free Silk
    • Linen
    • Jersey
    • Rayon
    • Chambray

Black top, harem pants, bag

Dressing for summer

Avoid Embarrassing Sweat Patches by Wearing White or Black

There is nothing worse than seeing unsightly sweat patches appearing on your clothing. There are two ways to avoid this, the first is to stick to wearing black or white – these are the only two colours that don’t show up any kind of wet marks as clearly as other colours. At all costs avoid light, pastel shades, such as pale blue, coral pink, pastel pink, and grey! Whilst the abovementioned is a quick fix solution, as I am sure all of us own at least one t-shirt in both black and white, the alternative is to wear water resistant materials. Sportswear is ideal for prevent you from sweating at all, plus it is also great for putting on after you have been to the beach or in the pool! These days good quality sports tops are easy to come by and are available in a range of styles and colours, and most of the time they don’t really even resemble typical sports clothing which makes them highly wearable for everyday.

Wear Clothes that Actually Fit Properly

Simple it may be, but you would be surprised at just how many people purposely buy and wear clothing that is completely the wrong size for them. Why put yourself through anymore unnecessary discomfort when you don’t have to? Squeezing your feet into shoes that are too small or trying to make your feet “grip on” to footwear that is too big will tire you out quickly in the heat! A style rule that applies at all times of the year, as well as when dressing for summer heat is that: even if you want to say that you have managed to squeeze in to X size, nobody will care or believe you if it doesn’t look flattering. If the garment “clings” or “pulls too tight” instead of sitting well against your body then it is too small.

Choose Comfort First

Choose comfort first and make it stylish rather than wearing something that you may regard as very stylish but is equally as uncomfortable! The stress of having to balance in heels that you can’t walk in or trying to squeeze yourself into an extremely tight garment will make you feel hot and aggravated so don’t do it! Wear outfits that you can move in, fabrics that don’t absorb the heat and enjoy the summer!

Other Stylist Tips when Dressing for Summer Time

    • Practice wearing new footwear before spending long periods of time in them when out in the heat
    • The best time to shop for footwear is at 13.00 just after midday. Your feet swell up and get hotter during the day and in the summer, this is certainly true. Your feet are cooler in the morning and are warmest towards the afternoon. Buying shoes based on your foot size at 13.00 in the day will help to ensure that your shoes are a true fit and will always fit you comfortably.
    • When it comes to make-up, loose powder or better yet – Banana Powder will help to soak up any moisture from your skin and will help your make-up to stay put!
    • If your shoes are feeling a little tight but you don’t have time to do anything about it, spray a little hairspray into the insides of your shoes to make it easier for your feet to get in them. Learn more easy and fast ways to make your shoes bigger at home.



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Dressing for Summer: Stay Cool, Look Stylish

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