Fashion Films and Documentaries for Fashion Lovers

Fashion films and documentaries make for excellent and intriguing viewing, which is why I decided to put together a list of my personal favourites!


Fashion Films and Documentaries for Fashion Lovers

 I love a good fashion conscious movie, full of enviable make-up looks and carefully arranged, beautifully styled outfits. I would actually go as far as being forgiving of a mediocre plot if the wardrobe styling was good enough! If you have a love for art, fashion and the history of clothing then I would highly recommend the fashion films and documentaries listed below. As many fashion professionals would agree, it can be fascinating to watch how clothing evolves through time, while observing cycles and patterns in fashion trends over the years.  

Fashion Films and Documentaries

I have put together a list of fashion films, which are mostly fiction-based movies with fantastic costumes and make-up! On the other hand, if you wish to extend your viewing to learning something interesting and factual then I have also put together a list of my top ten favourite fashion documentaries for you to enjoy (in case you’d prefer something more factual)!

 Fashion Films and Documentaries

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The wonderful thing about fashion is that it has an incredibly long and wealthy history. It is one of the few artistic industries that plays a vital role in our daily lives and in society. Even if a person doesn’t consider themselves to be particularly interested in the fashion industry or a trend follower, there is no denying that they are already a part of it. There is a story behind the t-shirt you put on in the morning. The jacket you wear during the winter months has a history way beyond its manufacturing or design stage. You’re not going to like every aspect of fashion and style but there is sure to be a certain element or time period that appeals to you!




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Fashion Films and Documentaries for Fashion Lovers

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