Fashion Glossary: Types of Pleats

A fashion glossary listing all of the different types of pleats. Pleats are folds in fabric which are used to add fullness to garments. Below is a list of all types of pleats, along with a description and image demonstrating how they appear. 

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types of pleats 


Pleats are one or more folds in a fabric to add fullness to a garment. Pleats come in different varieties and are usually added to skirts, dresses and jackets.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Pleats


Accordion Pleats

Accordion pleats are usually seen on skirts, dresses and shirts. As you will see from this accordion pleated skirt (below), accordion pleats are narrow pleats which replica the appearance of the accordion musical instrument.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Pleats


Box Pleat

A double pleat which is created by folds going in opposite directions, there may be single or multiple pleats.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Pleats


Inverted Pleats

Inverted pleats are the exact opposite to box pleats. Two folds are brought together to form a centre line. Sometimes there may be just a single inverted pleat or multiple inverted pleats on a single garment.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Pleats


Knife Pleats

Knife pleats are one or more pleats that all face the same direction.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Pleats


Kick Pleat

This is a pleat in the lower portion of the garment. The pleat may be inverted, knife or a box pleat but the kick pleat always sits in the lower portion of the item of clothing.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Pleats


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Fashion Glossary: Types of Pleats

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