Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts

A fashion glossary listing all of the different types of skirts. A skirt is an item of clothing worn by women. It is an outer garment which fastens at the waist and hangs down around the legs. Lengths of skirts vary from short to long, and the shapes and styles vary too. Below is a list of all types of skirts, along with a description and image demonstrating how they appear.

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Types of Skirts

Accordion Skirt

An accordion skirt has narrow pleats which replica the appearance of the accordion musical instrument. The skirt type is usually a circular skirt.


Fashion Glossary

Godet Skirt

A skirt with a triangular cut set into a skirt gore which gives volume to its flared edge.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts

Granny Skirt

A full length skirt that usually has a ruffled hem. A similar skirt style is called a prairie skirt which can vary in length and may have one or two ruffles along the hem.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts


Tiered Skirt

A tiered skirt is made up of ruffles or tiers which may be pleated, shirred or flared with each tier progressively larger than the previous tier.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts


Peg-top Skirt

A skirt with a gathered, tucked or pleated waist which widens at the hips, tapering to become narrower at the hem line. This style is often called a pegged skirt.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts

Wrap Skirt

This type of skirt has two vertical edges open from the waist down to the hem line, wrapping and overlaying around the body, either at the front or the back. The skirt fastens with ties or buttons at the waist.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts



Pants (or trousers) cut to skirt length with fullness to resemble a skirt. Other names for this skirt include: divided skirt, culotte, gaucho, or split skirt. Short lengths are called scooter or skort.)

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts


Kilt Skirt

A Scottish knife pleated skirt with a front panel that wraps and fastens at the front with leather straps, buckles or decorative pins.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts


Panel Pant Skirt

Divided skirt with free hanging panel both at the front and back, which gives the effect of a gored skirt.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts


This type of skirt is pleated, gathered or drapes at one side to add extra fullness. Sometimes this type of skirt is called a sarong, especially when the skirt is meant for beach wear.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts

Slit Skirt

Straight fit skirt with a slit opening, extending to either the knee or thigh. There may be a single or multiple vertical slit openings which may be on the side, front or back of the garment.

Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts


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Fashion Glossary: Types of Skirts

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