How to Be Happy | #AD

Finding true happiness is a true case of trial and error. I’ve come to the realisation that happiness is about doing what you want to do and not feeding unnecessary thoughts with your precious attention and energy. There are so many activities in our personal and professional lives that can be ditched or delegated if we’re really honest with ourselves.

How to Be Happy

I think in today’s world we feel under pressure to “do it all”. We’re under pressure to wake up early to meditate, read something motivational and workout before completing a long, tiresome working day as a self-employed person living their dream, after which we head out to a trendy, “Instagrammable” eatery for an aesthetically-pleasing dinner plus cocktails, and finally we conclude the night by bingeing on Netflix series so that we are able to understand 90% of what we see people post on social media. Feeling tired?! I’m not surprised!

How to Be Happy

This is why I believe that pursuing what makes you happy starts by trying to do more of what actually makes you happy and disregarding (where possible) those other things that you don’t enjoy. As a blogger that means creating content that I loved to curate. It means skipping or switching a day of exercise if I have to waste too much time procrastinating. Switch off social media when it drives you crazy and go and experience something real. It also means pursuing a hobby that completely consumes you while risking being dreadful at it but not caring all the same. But most importantly, happiness is found when we learn to accept ourselves and the beauty of that is in the attempt!

Lastly, if you’re worried about the state of your mental health and feel that you need help, don’t be shy to reach out! Online therapy with is a convenient and effective way to seek the help you need without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. By talking to an online therapist, you will be able to receive tailor-made counselling to help you to overcome whatever issues you may be suffering from. It’s always helpful to talk to somebody so make sure you don’t suffer in silence! You might also like this Mental Health Roundup by The Ramblings of Jenna Von


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How to Be Happy | #AD

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