The Wig Kit: How to Choose the Right Hairpiece for You

Ever considered wearing a wig? Gone are the days when wigs and hairpieces were style pieces that we’d prefer to keep hidden! It’s hard to name an A-lister these days who hasn’t experimented with hair extensions or wigs! Wigs have also been deemed more acceptable among some cultures than they have among British and American women. But what with the average British woman spending at least £756 on her hair each year, perhaps it is time to reconsider wigs and other hairpieces – which certainly sound more manageable! 

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How to Choose the Right Hairpiece for You

There are three main types of hair pieces, 1) hair extensions, 2) wigs, and 3) clip-on ponytails and smaller hairpieces. 

Hair extensions can be glued in, clipped in or woven into the natural hair. Hair extensions are a popular option for lengthening and thickening your hair. They are readily available at a range of price points, meaning that they suit all budgets. Clip-in hair extensions are perhaps the easiest and lowest maintenance option to experiment with first. With a decent pair of scissors, you can adjust the length of the extensions yourself and you can keep them looking well groomed with a simple detangling comb

Wigs are perfect for those who want to completely transform the look of their natural hair. If you would like to wear a high maintenance, perfectly styled hair do then trying out a wig might be best for you. It is best to invest a little bit more money when purchasing a wig. Anything too inexpensive will look poor quality and noticeably fake – unless that’s the look you’re after…?! But if you want your wig to look like your real hair rather than a comical Halloween costume, invest in a good quality product that will stand the test of time. Care for your wig by combing through it with a wide-tooth comb, using a conditioner (if recommended) and using soft hair rollers to style your wig and give it a little bit of natural volume when needed.

Clip-on hairpieces, such as ponytails, fringes and other small hair enhancing pieces are the easiest and least expensive way of getting started with hairpieces. They also hold the reputation as being the least intimidating. It is quick and easy to insert a clip-on ponytail or faux fringe as and when you choose. Application time is minimal and at most, all you need to care for your hairpieces are hair grips and maybe a little hairspray to keep your hairdo in place!

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Have you ever tried out a hairpiece? I’d love to hear your thoughts? Personally, I prefer clip-in hair extensions. But I know plenty of people who adore wigs and full hairpieces! ?

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How to Choose the Right Hairpiece for You


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The Wig Kit: How to Choose the Right Hairpiece for You

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