How to Make An Outfit Look More Expensive

You don’t have to spend loads on an outfit in order to look expensive. Remember Dolly Parton’s famous saying – “it costs money to look this cheap?” It isn’t about the price you pay, it is all about knowing how to dress yourself…for this you will need style tips!!


How to Make An Outfit Look More Expensive


How to Make An Outfit Look More Expensive

It doesn’t matter how much money you have spent on your clothes and accessories because it is all about how you put them together. So in order to make your outfits look more expensive, follow these handy tips:

  1. It has to be black or white: an outfit that is all black or all white always looks classy. As long as your clothing is dirt, dust, crease and stain free (for whites especially), you will always look ultra classy dressed in all white or all black and it is also a timeless trick! Pick up a lint roller and a clothes steamer do make the job easy for you!
  2. Perfect and polish your hair, makeup and nails. Even if you are wearing casual clothing, your appearance overall will look way more classy and expensive if you have perfectly don’t makeup, hair and nails (nails are optional). Makeup wipes are a life saver when you’re on the go or short on time!
  3. Avoid patterns – patterns only make an outfit look more fashionable and fashion often comes across as faddy. The majority of people never spend a lot of money on fashion trends, including patterns which is one of the reasons for why patterns never look highly expensive.
  4. Avoid looking like a walking billboard. Even if every item in your wardrobe is designer, avoid dressing head to know in clothing and accessories that are heavily labelled with their brand names. Despite the fact that you may well have spent thousands on each item, you will actually appear to look tacky and cheap.
  5. Opt for plainer clothing in non-neon, non-florescent and not overly bright colours. For e.g. choose a shade like burgundy over fire engine red, opt for rose pink over bubble gum pink, mustard over sunshine yellow.
  6. Keep your clothes in good condition. Use a lint roller over your clothing to remove any hair or dust, shine your shoes and keep your handbags shiny, clean and in good condition too.
  7. Do not match the colour of all of your accessories. If you would like to match your accessories then match your lipstick colour to either your shoes or your handbag.
  8. Stick to classy and plain jewellery, especially gold, rather than statement fashion pieces.
  9. Make sure that it is tailored and fits properly – not too tight not too baggy. If it doesn’t – get it tailored. Also, be observant of lengths too; try not to go for super short skirts, tops and shorts.
  10. Add a tailored belt to help certain garments fit better and to make an outfit look more tailored, interesting and chic.

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How to Make An Outfit Look More Expensive

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