How to Master Your Style Brand and Radiate Your Own Amazing Style

Competition is fierce across every aspect of our lives and quite often it can feel almost impossible to get noticed or respected in our own right. Rather than trying to imitate the crowds or even the most unique and popular of people, it is best to work on building your own personal style brand and developing your very own unique style. There is more to style than just the clothes you wear and you don’t need a business to master a great personal brand – you are already everything you will ever need!


What is a Style Brand?

A style brand is similar to personal branding but more suited to the individual rather than to business owners. Unlike a personal brand, which is an ongoing process of curating an image or reputation in order to leave an impression on others, a style brand is focused entirely around you.
One of the best and simplest ways to succeed at whatever you are trying to accomplish is to show you have the power and ability to present yourself well while still retaining your own individual personality and style.
As women we tend to bear a number of roles and so it is only natural that we become unsure of who we are, how we should dress and where we fit in. So how do you manage to juggle so many roles and have a suitable wardrobe to match every situation and position? The answer is to establish your own unique high quality style and personal image, proving that all you need is one unique style that suits you.

How Was “The Style Brand” Concept Created?

There were many reasons for why I created “The Style Brand” concept but the main reason was to help people to identify who they are and to present that to the best of their ability in every situation. My personal journey with The Style Brand theory began back in my teen years when I moved abroad, after which I set up a business and was living a very unconventional (yet amazing) life for a teenager. It was then that I began to notice how individuals and business contacts would try to categorise me and label me. We label people not in a bad way but because we want to gain a better understanding of the people we meet and therefore have to name them by nationality, profession, age, social status, etc. How was it that those in my personal and professional life could brand me (and not just me, but everybody) when I wasn’t even sure if I belonged to those categories myself? This put everything in perspective for me and this is when I realised that you can either choose to build your own personal brand or wait around to be put into a social group chosen to you by people who don’t even know you very well. If your name had a definition that stated how you honestly felt about yourself right now, what would it say? Would you be happy with your name’s definition? If not then it is time for a change. Your own personal style is tailor made to suit you and your daily roles in life. It serves as the foundation of your style and is therefore like a brand. A brand does not adapt itself to suit a style, it decides if the style or trend is right for it.

How Can You Apply Style Branding Concepts to Your Everyday Life and Style?

So many people let external factors alter their personalities and attitudes by allowing things such as designer labels, environments, people and trends to dictate how they should behave. Mastering your own style brand enables you to build your own brand (not for your business but for you personally) and get to grips with the person you really are. You will learn to identify and accept your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and true personality both mentally and in your physical appearance, which will help you to feel more confident and present well yourself in any situation.

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How to Master Your Style Brand and Radiate Your Own Amazing Style

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