#OOTD | Luxury Leggings for Stylish Comfort

Autumn is here and it’s time to start thinking about putting together your autumn/winter wardrobe. If you’re a fan of the capsule wardrobe concept, I’d highly recommend adding a pair of luxury leggings to your collection this season. If you’re unsure about wearing leggings, allow me to walk you through my tips on how to style this versatile form of loungewear, as well as explaining why I think it’s better to leave the budget versions behind and invest in a better quality pair!


Why I Love Leggings

I’ve always loved leggings. They’re one of the few garments that almost everybody considers to be both comfortable and universal.  As a fashion blogger and stylist, my days vary between being sat in front of the computer and spending time out and about enjoying life. When I’m sat at home blogging I find that I work much better when I’m wearing something comfortable. Yet on the other hand, I hate feeling under dressed or sloppy even when I’m only sat at home. This is why I love leggings. In my work as a professional fashion stylist, I am often asked to give tips on how to look stylish when you love comfortable clothing. I know that so many people really struggle to put together a practical outfit that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style, but now with the fantastic range of fashionable loungewear on the market, this really doesn’t have to be the case.


Budget Leggings vs. Luxury Leggings

Ever wondered what the difference is between the leggings that you pay £3 for and those priced at 10 times or more the price? I firmly believe that you get what you pay for and this is certainly the case with leggings. I’ve owned a number of pairs of leggings over the years and it was only after I invested in a slightly more expensive pair that I started to enjoy wearing them.

One of the reasons why I prefer to spend a little more on leggings and jeggings is because of sizing. When I’ve purchased bargain versions in the past, they tend to be very baggy around the knees yet almost see-through in other areas. As a size UK 6/8 and 5 ft 5 in height, I don’t fit into the typical petite fashion collections in stores because I need the longer leg length, which is an issue when shopping among budget varieties. Since investing a little more, I have found that my luxury leggings have better support and are therefore more flattering. Additionally, they last longer too because they don’t rip or get those tiny little holes that you get with cheaper alternatives. Lastly, if you love leggings but aren’t keen on wearing them with long tops and dresses, invest in a higher-end pair which are more opaque and offer enough support so you can wear them with shorter tops too.


How I Style My Leggings

Here I am wearing a pair of black leggings with faux leather perforated sides. I love these leggings. They feel just as comfortable as any other pair of leggings, but with the silhouette support of a pair of well made trousers. Here I am wearing them with a navy jumper, a black cap and black heels. This outfit can effortlessly be dressed up or down with a simple change of footwear and accessories.

Luxury Leggings for Stylish Comfort

luxury leggings

Luxury Leggings for Stylish Comfort


This pair of black jeggings looks great with my Chanel-style white cardigan for a glamorous yet relaxed daytime outfit. I wore this look with a pair of flat black pumps to run some errands between catching up with writing blog posts. This is the kind of outfit that is perfect for my work from home days, although it is easy to dress up within minutes for when I go out.

Luxury Leggings for Stylish Comfort

Luxury Leggings for Stylish Comfort

Luxury Leggings for Stylish Comfort



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