Pour Yourself a Refreshing Beauty Treat from these Aluminium Cans

Make your next shower more eco-friendly by pouring yourself a refreshing beauty treat from these aluminium cans by ethical brand Ksoni.


The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and so it’s important that we all do our bit by choosing eco-friendly options when we can. I recently had the opportunity to try out some beautiful ethical cosmetics by Ksoni. I was introduced to Ksoni a few months ago. Ksoni is a sustainable beauty brand that offers a range of natural cleansing products in recyclable aluminium packaging. The brand was founded by two motivated women – Joti and Banasa, who share a passion for beauty products, as well as tackling the plastic waste issue.



The name “Ksoni” means “Earth” in Sanskrit. This is a reminder that Ksoni products are designed to benefit both the individuals who use them and the planet we all wish to preserve through the reduction of plastic waste. When Banasi and Joti met in 2018, they immediately hit it off and within just a few months they decided to start their own natural beauty line together. They felt that it was important to not only create products that were natural and ethically made, but to also combat the stigma associated with eco-friendly products. I am well aware of what they mean here.


There seems to be some sort of stigma associated with environmentally-friendly cosmetics. There is a common misconception that being good for the environment or free from nasty chemicals, makes them inferior to mainstream alternatives. This is not true at all. As an official Clean Beauty Judge, I can guarantee you that this is not the case. During my time as a blogger, editorial stylist and beauty judge, I’ve tried more products than I’d care to count!  While some natural beauty products haven’t lived up to my expectations, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by equally as many, if not more! Eco-friendly beauty products are no different to mainstream alternatives with which you may be more familiar. There are some that perform well and others that are less worthwhile.


How is Aluminium Packaging a Sustainable Option?

Ksoni offers shampoo and body washes in sustainably made aluminium cans. As well as being a very unique design idea, there are numerous environmental benefits to the brand’s choice of packaging. Aluminium is environmentally-friendly and a good material for product packaging because:

  • It’s infinitely recyclable
  • It has one of the highest recycling content and rate
  • Cans are among the lightest containers to transport
  • The infrastructure currently exists to recycle every can
  • 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today
  • Each can you place in a recycling bin can be back on the shelf within 60 days!


My Thoughts on Ksoni Products

When I say that Ksoni beauty products are packaged in aluminium cans, I mean that they resemble drink cans, which I found really cool! I have to admit that I do love quirky product packaging and presentation but not if it means producing more unnecessary waste. I’ve really enjoyed seeing how brands like Ksoni prove that ethical products can still look aesthetically-pleasing without harming our planet.


Until recently, I never imagined myself using the line: “I’m just going to crack open a can and take a shower.” The can design is really well thought out and it makes the experience of using the products enjoyable from start to finish. Once you’ve opened a can and started to use either the shampoo or body wash inside, simply pop on the reusable wooden cap between uses to keep the contents fresh and intact.


Ksoni also offer travel size body washes that come in a reusable aluminium bottle with a twist-off cap. After you’ve used up the body wash that comes inside, you can easily refill the bottle and use it again. It’s definitely worth keeping hold of if you travel regularly. And don’t forget that all of the products can be recycled after use.


There are three collections to choose from: Unati (hydrate), Jivati (rejuvenate) and Zakti (refresh). The shampoos and shower gels are made from all natural ingredients and are free from SLS and parabens. I absolutely love these products and I am sure you will too! I’d also highly recommend buying them as a gift, as they’d make a lovely present too! Check out Ksoni’s online store here.


This post contains gifted products but all opinions are my own. Read the Disclaimer for more information.



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Pour Yourself a Refreshing Beauty Treat from these Aluminium Cans

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