Body Shape and Style Analysis Consultation




Virtual Body Shape and Style Analysis Consultation

Do you never feel dressed to your full potential because you struggle to find clothes and styles that fit you properly and suit your body shape? Dressing and shopping could be so much easier if you just knew which styles and fits suited you best and of course, understood your natural body shape a little better! So many women get confused when trying to understand what type of body shape they have and how to dress it to its best potential.

Body Shape and Style Analysis

In this Body Shape & Style Analysis Consultation package you will get:

-Convenient consultation via email

A full, personalised Body Shape and Style Analysis printable report to help you understand which type of body shape you have and how to dress yourself in a way that you will love!

You Will Learn

-You will discover how to elongate, shorten, slim down and add fullness to your body and certain parts of your body.
– You will learn lots of handy tips and tricks that will make dressing and shopping for your shape so much more successful and enjoyable too!
– You will be able to ask for my professional advice on how to solve any style and shape issues that you may have.

Body Shape and Style Analysis

Why Work with Me?

I have years of experience in working in the fashion industry. Here is why you should choose Online Personal Stylist:

  • Qualified fashion stylist
  • Experienced fashion stylist and blogger
  • Studied fashion and textiles
  • I’ve worked as a stylist and fashion editor for top UK luxury clothing brands, high street brands, as well as online retailers
  • Knowledge and experience in the global fashion retail market
  • Been featured in various UK, European and International publications
  • I support cruelty-free and sustainable fashion. I believe in buying less, but buying better quality items that you understand how to wear thanks to the abundance of free and paid style resources readily available at Online Personal Stylist!
  • And of course, I have styled lots of amazing people just like you through Online Personal Stylist styling services!

Upon purchasing your body shape and style analysis consultation, you will receive an email with instructions. If you do not receive this email please get in touch.

Body Shape and Style Analysis

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