Size Guide for Petite Women

This is a concise size guide for petite women. Petite is a size determined by nothing more than height.

The definition of petite is:

adjective: petite

(of a woman) attractively small and dainty.

“she was petite and vivacious”

synonyms:small, dainty, diminutive, slight, little, tiny, elfin, delicate, small-boned;


It is true that many petite women have smaller frames and bone structure than non-petite women but this doesn’t mean that all women have delicate face shapes, tiny waists or boyish figures. The standard height of a woman classed as petite is 5 foot 3 or under. Naturally, a woman of 4 ft 11 is going to be significantly shorter and different in shape and body proportions that a woman of 5 ft 3, which is why you need to understand the many aspects of petite dressing.

In some countries, the word “petite” in clothing signifies a range of clothing made for shorter women but the maximum height in some countries is 5 ft 4, in which you may still be classed as petite. Generally, a petite lady is anybody who is no taller than 5 ft 3. There are no limitations on weight, body shape or shoe size.


Euro sizeAustralia sizeUK sizeLength (CM)Circumference (CM)


UK Sizes (inches)XS (6)S (8-10)M (12-14)L (16-18)XL (20-22)XXL (24-26)
Arm length (petite)29”291∕4 – 291∕2293∕4 – 30”301∕4 -301∕2303∕4 -307∕8337∕8 -34”




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Size Guide for Petite Women

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