The Surprisingly Stylish Lion King x ASOS collection

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Disney has teamed up with ASOS to create the surprisingly stylish Lion King x ASOS collection. The remake of the 1994 classic is just around the corner (release date: 19th July). The Lion King x ASOS collection was released on July 1st – just in time for the film’s release. This is not an apparel line for kids! This is a fashion line designed for adults. And, it is surprisingly stylish too!

?”I Just Can’t Wait…for the Lion King x ASOS Collection!”

If you were born before the release of the original, animated version of the Lion King, you may have worn Lion King themed apparel as a child. Well, 25 years on and you might just find yourself tempted into pulling on a pair of Timone and Pumba socks once more! The Lion King x ASOS collection consists of clothes and accessories for both men and women. Each item of clothing comes in a wide range of sizes and they’re even available in ASOS’s “curve” range for plus-size women.

? Be Prepared for What’s In Store ?

The Lion King apparel  line consists of clothing for male and female adults. You can expect to find socks, tote bags, mugs, hooded jumpers, shirts, shorts, t-shirts, and more. With the jungle-theme patterns and bold leaf prints, this collection is actually a surprisingly stylish assortment. Prices are reasonably, starting from just £8, and there is something to suit everyone. You might want to go all out and invest in this (see below) bright matching shorts and shirt combo, displaying the African plains. A skirt and crop top with Zazu all over it. Or maybe you want something a little more discrete and basic. This is definitely a Disney inspired clothing collection that you will want to check out! Here are my top picks:


Lion King x Asos collection

  1. Shorts and Shirt combo, 2. Nala and Simba sweater, 3. Timone and Pumba socks

Lion King x Asos collection

  1. Pride Rock T-shirt Dress, 2. Mug, 3. One-shoulder body suit, 4. Simba and Mufasa hooded jumpers, 5. Lion King tote bag

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The Surprisingly Stylish Lion King x ASOS collection

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