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“Luisa’s style is so chic, I love her ideas, outfit suggestions and general advice!”

“Thanks to Luisa at Online Personal Stylist, I am no longer stuck in a rut wearing black clothing all the time, she has helped me to feel comfortable when experimenting with other casual and classic clothing styles.”

“I am a post graduate student who was recently offered a job in a really well respected company but I was unsure of what to wear because I wanted to look casual-formal and Luisa’s advice and tips have helped me to compile a nice little collection of stylish work clothing that makes me look formal and funky. Thanks a lot!”

“Thank you so much!!! After having my baby I found that my shape had changed and I never got out of my leggings and tracksuits but thanks to you Luisa/Online Personal Stylist I now feel like I am a yummy mummy and I am loving my new role as this too!”