Using Colour to Dress for Your Body Shape

Do you dress for your body shape? Or are you always trying to dress for the body shape you want? While on the one hand, Online Personal Stylist totally appreciates a healthy dose of ambition, more times than not you have to be realistic if the matter involves your genuine clothing size. 

Dress for Your Body Shape


Enhance Your Body Shape by Mixing Colours Well

The reason so many people struggle with matching different colours that go well together is because they are choosing from a much larger colour range, rather than choosing from the colour palette suited to their own personal skin tone. Once you know which colours truly suit you, you can mix and match any of these colours and they will instantly compliment your skin tone & features, and these colours chosen will also complement each other too because they will be from a similar colour palette.

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Using Colour to Dress for Your Body Shape

Creating Colour Confidence

The key to dressing well for your body shape and feeling great is to wear and buy 80% of styles and colours that suit you and 20% of things that you love too much to care how much they suit you. There will be colours that are supposed to suit your skin tone well but just because they suit your skin tone it doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to like them and that’s ok. If you do not like a particular colour, you don’t feel confident in it or perhaps it makes you feel depressed then simply don’t wear it – you don’t have to! Stick to colours that you like but work out the best way to wear them first! You may prefer some colours in the form of an accessory such as a handbag, necklace, scarf, pair of earrings, etc. If you want to become more daring with colour, either take the plunge and wear the colours that you have not yet dared to wear or make the process a gradual one by choosing a smaller item or an accessory in that shade at first so that you get used to seeing that colour on you.

Dress for Your Body Shape


How to Use Colours to Dress for Your Body Shape?

You can also wear colour to change and emphasise your shape. You can wear colours to make you appear curvier, you can wear colours to make you look taller, you can use colours to look leaner or more toned. When you know how to, it is much easier. So many people believe that wearing colour makes you appear fuller and highlights those areas you like least – this is a true and false statement. It’s true that colours can make you look bigger than you really are. It’s wrong to say that this observation applies to all colours because it really doesn’t. It’s not so much about which colours you wear, it’s about how you wear them!


A Tip about Wearing Colours to Dress for Your Body Shape (that few people actually know!)

Depending on how you prefer to dress (whether you are trying to add curves, appear leaner or want to be seen the way you are) make sure that you pay attention when mixing the different shades of the same colour. If you want to appear fuller then mixing different shades of the same colour will work wonders. If you want to appear leaner or just don’t want to change your natural shape then don’t mix different shades. Mixing different colours or sticking to wearing 1-2 shades of the same colour will make no difference to how your shape appears however; mixing two or more shades of the same colour (such as rose pink, baby pink, fuchsia pink for example) will give the illusion of a fuller figure.

If you have a softer skin tone, it is best to mix colours and/or different shades that complement each other rather than creating an obvious contrast. On the other hand, if you have a rich hair colour and skin tone then creating a contrast in colours would work really well to bring out your skin tone in a flattering way. If you want to mix tones without altering your natural shape then just stick to mixing different colours from your personalised colour palette (according to your own skin tone).

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Using Colour to Dress for Your Body Shape

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