Virtual Colour Analysis Consultation

Virtual Colour Analysis Consultations

Are you Confused About What Colours to Wear?
Having a professional virtual colour analysis consultation will equip you with the knowledge and power that you need in order to be able to build a style and wardrobe that you are truly proud of!

Virtual Colour Analysis


Here are some of the many benefits to booking a full virtual colour analysis consultation:

👠 You can start to enjoy successful shopping trips and know what colours to buy.
👠 You will obtain a healthy and enviable complexion, complemented by your correct choice of clothing colours.
👠 It will enable you to pick out the right coloured items from your wardrobe and successfully combine them together with ease.
👠 Save money! Because you will not be wasting your money on colours & styles that you will never wear because they do not suit you.
👠 Learn which colours and tones suit you and which to avoid.
👠 Learn which styles fit your body shape best.
👠 PLUS: you will also learn about which make-up and hair colours suit you best too!

Your personalised colour analysis package will include colour swatches for you to cut out and take with you when you go shopping to make choosing colours easier!

Virtual Colour Analysis

Why Work with Me?

I have years of experience in working in the fashion industry. Here is why you should choose Online Personal Stylist:

🌟Qualified fashion stylist

🌟Experienced fashion stylist and blogger

🌟Studied fashion and textiles

🌟I’ve worked as a stylist and fashion editor for top UK luxury clothing brands, high street brands, as well as online retailers

🌟Knowledge and experience in the global fashion retail market

🌟Been featured in various UK, European and International publications

🌟I support cruelty-free and sustainable fashion. I believe in buying less, but buying better quality items that you understand how to wear thanks to the abundance of free and paid style resources readily available at Online Personal Stylist!

🌟And of course, I have styled lots of amazing people just like you through Online Personal Stylist styling services!

Colour Analysis Consultations cost: £40 
Upon purchasing your colour and style analysis consultation, you will receive an email with instructions. If you do not receive this email please get in touch.