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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and because of that, there has been many discussions on how one can improve their mental health. Improving your mental health is important as you grow older and it can help you right now as well. If you need more brainpower to handle your job, your  kids, or anything else life throws at you, you may be looking into how you can improve your mental health.

One way you can do so is through fashion. That’s right. Those fake lashes and makeup can make you mentally well. Even just making the house look stylish can help too. Here are a few reasons why.

Why Fashion Can Help With Your Mental Health


One of the best ways you can stimulate your mind is to be creative. When you are looking for new ways to express yourself, your brain is working hard for ideas and for other creative ways to express yourself. You can be creative with fashion. From mixing up outfits to finding the best way to look great on a budget, it does get the creative juices flowing and allows you to improve yourself mentally quite a bit. Try it out and see if it works for your creative juices.

It’s Relaxing and Distracting

Being fashionable can be a bit like a meditative ritual. Applying makeup can feel oddly therapeutic. Putting on a new pair of clothes can feel comfortable and put you at ease. One of the best ways you can improve your mental health is to relax yourself.

Plus, the distraction. When you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or anything else similar, a distraction can help reduce your symptoms. Being able to apply makeup is a nice little distraction that you can do, and it’s worth trying out.

You Can Socialise

Another way to improve one’s mental health is to socialise a bit. Talk to someone new or someone you’re friends with and you can improve your socialisation by quite a bit. However, it can be hard when you don’t have anything  in common. That’s where makeup comes in. Makeup can be the great equaliser that allows for  you to care for yourself in ways you didn’t think were possible. There are ways you can get the family involved too, and you can look here for more information.

By socialising through makeup and fashion, you can make some good friends and trade fashion secrets. It’s well worth trying out and being able to improve your social health. Try it today.


Fixing Up the Place is Exercise

If you’re wanting to fix up your house, it can be quite the workout. Being able to clean the house, move around furniture, and place your new decorations are just a few ways you can be able to move around. As you move around, your brain releases some feel-good chemicals that make you much happier and healthier mentally. If you try moving around stuff, you will see exactly what we are talking about.

Seek Help!

If you put on makeup, it’s still not going to cure your depression, anxiety, or your mental health problems. You may need to seek professional help in addition. Talking to a therapist is one way you can take care and be able to manage your mental health.

Seeking help is something everyone should do, but many people feel like they don’t have the time to do so. However, thanks to online counselling, it is much easier than ever to get the help you need. Talk to a therapist or a counsellor about all your problems. Chances are, you can improve yourself quite a bit and be able to put on even more makeup. You only have one brain, so take care of it.

Disclaimer: This post was written by Better Health. To find out how I declare ads and sponsored posts, please read my disclaimer here.


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Why Fashion Can Help With Your Mental Health | #AD

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