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It is officially time to switch to a zero waste coffee cup! Drinking take-out coffee has never been so popular. When the financial crisis hit, pubs and restaurants were closing down, yet coffee shops were far less affected. Over the past 10 years, Britain has adapted the coffee culture we so commonly associate with our mainland European neighbours. In many ways, all of the coffee shops that have popped up across the UK (and of course in other countries) has been an excellent social movement. It has encouraged people to make their morning coffee more of a social event, prompting people to venture outdoors for their favourite caffeinated drinks on their way to work or to meet up with colleagues and friends. The downside to the take-out coffee phenomenon is the amount of waste it causes.

Zero Waste Coffee Cup

We all love our morning coffee – I know that I certainly do! I’m not the kind of person that can sip coffee throughout the day, but I can’t be without an Americano first thing in the morning! This coffee culture habit is excellent for socialising and gives us an excuse to get out of the house, meet new people and catch up with old friends. Unfortunately, all of those take-out cups are causing terrible damage to our planet. Did you know that the UK alone gets through 7 million disposable coffee cups per day?! That being said, your coffee sessions needn’t stop! Instead, why not get yourself a reusable bamboo cup and enjoy an ethical, zero waste coffee at home or when on the go!

Zero Waste Coffee Cup

Zero Waste Coffee Cup

Reusaboo: The Zero Waste Bamboo Coffee Cup Brand

I’ve teamed up with Reusaboo to help promote zero waste alternatives in order to eliminate disposable coffee cups for good! Reusaboo is on a mission to fight waste and rebel against single-use, disposable culture through sustainable and striking reusable bamboo coffee cups. Their cool reusable bamboo coffee cup is suitable for hot and cold drinks and is light and convenient to carry around with you too. These zero waste bamboo travel mugs are made from natural antibacterial and biodegradable bamboo fibre. You may have noticed that bamboo as a material plays is commonly used as a sustainable alternative. That is because bamboo doesn’t change the taste of drinks or food, it is easy to wash and eco-friendly to obtain. Bamboo is fast-growing and really useful to the environment due to the fact that it absorbs large amounts of CO2 and produces more oxygen that other plants.

Zero Waste Coffee Cup

Zero Waste Coffee Cup

The Reusaboo Bamboo Cup

Reusaboo kindly sent me one of their bamboo coffee cups to try and I can certainly say that I am very impressed! Of course, being interested in sustainable alternatives, I have already tried bamboo coffee cups, but the ones I have previous tried have a tendency to leak. Leaking cups can be irritating but the standard cardboard disposable cups you get from coffee shops also leak. Personally I am prepared to put up with a cup that leaks, only when tipped upside down or when the liquid spills out from under the lid, if it means helping to save our planet. I read that the Reusaboo bamboo cup doesn’t leak, so I was interested to see whether it really did or not. To my pleasant surprise and having really tried to make it leak, it actually doesn’t leak! So well done to Reusaboo for their fabulous invention! On my ethical journey I have tried bamboo straws, bamboo cups and plates, etc. and I do agree that bamboo is one of the best materials because it doesn’t change the taste of your food or drink – no matter whether it is hot or cold. Many people are also surprised at how easy bamboo kitchen ware is to clean. Some items are dishwasher proof – but do check each individual item to be sure. And to all of you lipstick wearers: I’ve found that no amount of red lipstick stains my bamboo cups or straws!!

Zero Waste Coffee Cup

GIVEAWAY | It’s Time to Make Your Morning Coffee an Ethical One!

You can learn more about Reusaboo and their reusable bamboo cup here on their website. And if you would like a chance to win one of their super trendy bamboo coffee cups, you can enter their free giveaway here. To enter, head over and follow them on Instagram and fill in your details here. Entry closes on the 9th August.

Disclosure: This item was kindly gifted by Reusaboo but all opinions are my own.



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