Why Women who Dress for Success are More Successful

Why are women who dress for success often more successful in business and in life? Could a better personal style bring you a higher salary? Look at some of the most successful women in business, one of their admired assets is their enviable style. They look glamorous and well dressed but they also appear confident and comfortable within themselves as a whole. Obviously, it isn’t just down to their style but rather a clever combination of business knowledge, business branding and personal style branding – the perfect combination for a better business and salary.

Dress for Success


Women who dress for success are more likely to be successful in business compared to those who don’t. If you make the effort to dress well and in a way that you like then you will save time and energy comparing yourself to your colleagues around you. People who work from home boast about being able to work in their PJs, which on one hand ensures comfort but at the same time can hinder your working efforts because you’re never fully out of “sleep/rest mode”.


Women who Dress for Success are More Successful

Style is not all about looks and dressing to look ultra glamorous because in actual fact, some of the women who dress most glamorously are actually the ones with least confidence in themselves. Style is something that is established when you find what suits you, what you love and what makes you the person you are! I have used my style principles in my business life on many occasions and it has helped me to be taken more seriously, as well as helping me to feel more confident and clearer on my goals! Knowing who you are is one of the first things we cover http://www.mindanews.com/buy-cialis/ when I deal with clients on a 1:1 basis in my ONLINE STYLE CLUB and other SERVICES. If you do not know and understand who you are, how you should dress and how you should run your business in a way that is true to your personality then you are acting rather than living!


Who Would You Hire?

It’s not just business owners who need to think about the way in which they dress and appear, as mastering a better personal style can do wonders for your in-house career too!

Put yourself in the position of your boss, when promotion time comes who are you going to promote?

  • The one who bows her head every time somebody speaks to her because she severely lacks self-confidence?
  • The employee who dresses as though she should be at a nightclub rather than at work?
  • The lady with “lots of potential” if she’d only believe in herself?
  • Or, a member of the team who radiates positivity, style and sophistication. She could have quite a simple but smart style because she feels confident enough to not feel the need to overdress. She could be very glamorous and therefore you appreciate the effort she makes, as well as her attention to detail. In other words you know the kind of person she is and so does she, you know that she retains the same level of charisma on a day to day basis because it is natural to her – she is the perfect candidate!

Mastering your perfect style that will land you better opportunities in every aspect of your life, doesn’t revolve around vanity or money or fashion, it’s about self-love and caring about yourself.

“People care people who care about themselves” – Miss Congeniality



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Why Women who Dress for Success are More Successful

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